Saturday, January 23, 2010

Josephus Thimister Returns to Paris Couture

After a decade, 47 year old dutch couturier, Josephus Thimister, will present his military inspired couture collection on January 24, 2010. His Anti-War collection will open the couture season, with stark wardrobe of Cossack coats, military jackets, and jodhpurs. Don't expect red carpet gowns, but architectural columns and "survival blanket" trousers, made to look burnt. Thimister's collection will be shown in a red, white, khaki color pallet, with some pieces requiring 500 hours of work, such as a blood-red, beaded gown with hood. The couturier used classic haute couture techniques with out compromising his modern, avant-garde vision. The self financed Thimister had help from friends to show his collection on the 24th of January, and will display a collection that is truly self expressed. In the 1990's Thimister was a star in the avant-garde minimalist movement, along with Veronique Branquinho, Martin Margiela, and Miguel Adrover, with clients willing to spend $3,000 to $23,000 for his creations. He was persuaded to show again by the Federation Française de la Couture, a couture collection that not only sends his message, but also a message of beautifully made clothes. -David Pedroza

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