Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring 2011 Haute Couture Coverage: Georges Chakra and Stephane Rolland

by April Wirth, Paris Correspondent

Georges Chakra
Georges Chakra's spring couture collection was in fact the very epitome of Haute Couture: wearable art. The collection was any magpie's dream, with sparkling embellishments sprayed allover dresses and a even a pair of skinny leggings. Flowers and feathers were also abundant, with the whole show maintaining a fantasy garden-party mood. Beginning with soft watercolours and pastels, the colour intensified as the show progressed and dresses became studded with little flower buds. Chakra found many ways to wrap the woman's body in fabric, making it resemble a flower. A few notable dresses in fact made the models appear as though blooming tulip buds. Quite impressively, the designer also managed to throw some new, less body conscious shapes into the collection. An absolute standout was the white strapless dress with gold twisted into it.

Stephane Rolland
For Spring 2011 Haute Couture, models were transformed into beautiful goddesses of the sand dunes in some earthly desert or maybe on another planet a la Princess Leah. Either way the collection was simple and liquid, using the flowing fabric to make the biggest statement. All lines were soft and embellishments were sparse, but came in the form of either double ringed metal belts or giant rocks. Shoulders were wide, but in a new way, and much of the collection had an almost architectural influence. A few dresses had armour-like metal additions, and one dress appeared to have a coffee stain on it. Rolland has successfully reconfirmed his importance with this collection: proving that he is moving fashion forward, and in the right direction.

Photos via Nowfashion.com

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