Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012

by Christine Suppes, Editor at Large
The A-Listers, Beyonce, Kate Winslett, Taylor Swift,accompanied by Anna Wintour and of course the Fanning girls (who follow where Rodarte goes), along with the rest of the audience, were melting in the heat of the Chelsea gallery as we waited for the most anticipated show of New York Fashion Week. Apparently it was even hotter in the tiny dressing room backstage,where the artists frantically applied then re-applied powder to the models. I am happy to report, as a long-time lover of this label, that Kate and Laura did not disappoint. The breathtaking clothes were about van Gogh. The girls always have their points of reference, but here is where I want to stop the reference. These gorgeous cocktail dresses, gowns and pant and tunic combinations on the runway sparkled and shone, while the waltz from the from Sleeping Beauty became a background tribute to the good fairy who waved her wand for Sleeping Beauty to choose what color of dress to pick before she met the Prince. Sleeping Beauty had only two colors, pink or blue. The sisters, on the other hand had van Gogh’s palette, from sunflowers to Starry Night. Boat neck shoulders only added to the allure. It is thrilling to watch Kate and Laura Mulleavy refine their collections each season. Visions of past season made their way into this show, but the taste was original and new.

Photos: Yannus Valamos

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