Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Spring 2012

by David Pedroza, Editor in Chief
Alexis Mabille sticks to his principles season after season, making clothes for women who work and require a wardrobe that is not limited, and surpass the quality of any off the rack garment. For Spring 2012, the designer's 4Th couture collection (Alexis Mabille has always presented both ready-to wear and couture in previous years), was a bold execution of color, colors that only the bravest woman could wear. The colors of intense fuchsia, cobalt blue, Robbin-egg blue, and chartreuse, where saturated into simple, 1930's linear silhouettes; silhouettes reminiscent of Lucien Lelong and Maggy Rouff, couturiers that where sought after by Hollywood starlets, in their day for long, negligee, inspired dress. Alexis kept his contemporary vibe, which one would expect from a young couturier, offering a vision for a more practical clientele. One stand out, fete of couture craftsmanship was a Faberge-inspired strapless cocktail dress, encrusted in sea foam green sequins, and gold thread embroidered scrolls. Each model was festooned with an over sized, floral headpiece, and their faces painted to coordinate their ensemble. Alexis Mabille knows how to keep his clients on their toes with out giving up his integrity or vision.

photos by Stephanie Kaufman for Master the Art of Style

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