Friday, March 2, 2012

Chadwick Bell Fall 2012

Top center Video and Right photo by Wilson McCord for Master the Art of Style

by David Pedroza, Editor in Chief
For Fall 2012, Chadwick Bell's muse was a woman created by his intellectual, imaginative mind. Driven by his deep passions for beauty, cultivated from photographs by Bob Richardson's Anjelica Huston, and Arlene Gottfried's Midnight, Chadwick Bell created a collection that stirs one's emotions, and was touched with a French savoir faire!  Chadwick Bell is one of very few American designers who's work evoke an haute couture quality and spirit.  The muse of the collection is "A perfect woman in an imperfect situation" as he puts it.   Bell's line up was absolutly beautiful, containing all the right notes, and executed in the richest colors and fabrics. Day wear was kept minimal and abstract, with soft volumes and dense textures. Suits were immaculately tailored to perfection, nipped at the waist, with soft feminine shoulders (a favorite was a suit created in a gold floral lame by Jakob Schlaepher textiles ). Lipstick red wool created soft elegant day dresses, that would make Tippi Hedren    swoon, while rich, plush velvet was paired with radzimir silk to create modern, yet classic, cocktail ensembles. Stand out looks: boxy coat adorned with silver fox fur from saga furs, a velvet peplum organza blouse paired with an embroidered lame skirt, and a green, spotted jacquard chiffon gown with feathers applied by hand. This is one of the best to come from a designer who strives to be his own, never foregoing into trends, but creating the most beautiful and quality clothes in the United States. No doubtedly, Chadwick Bell will become a legend in his own right!

Runway Photos by Alessandro Viero

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