Monday, February 25, 2013

Haute Couture Report: Christophe Josse Spring 2013

Written by David Pedroza, Editor in Chief
The Tunic with Ceramic flowers, Photos by
Stephanie Kaufman.
In the past couple of seasons, Christophe Josse has created a image and a few signatures, that are entirely Josse! Mr. Josse goes from strength to strength each season, continuing his direction as the season before, moving forward with out trend, and creating clothes a woman can wear 20 years from now.  Taking inspiration from Tokyo's intricate streets, and silhouettes of the early 1970's for Spring 2013, Josse created a light and airy collection. The silhouettes where kept simple, feminine, and playful, and adorned in intricate linear intersections of satin, encrusted in Lyon Lace, or painstakingly woven, making this collection fresh, modern, and contemporary. Christophe Josse certainly makes clothes for an intellectual woman, and definitely for a modern woman who would appeal to his hand-blown, glass accessories and shoes that have been made to look like pearl or metal, making each piece light, artistic, and sensual to the touch. Stand out pieces include a simple organdy white tunic with ceramic white floral embellishment, and a white organdy gown with tiers of pleated ruffles. The fine fabrics such as Swiss cotton organdy, hand made Lyon Lace, and the finest leather-like silk satin were used in the making of each creations. These are the kind of  clothes in which one can live their lives in.

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