Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Worth Paris Haute Couture: Couture Lingerie

by David Pedroza, Editor in Chief

The Old French House of Worth has been revived! The father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth, established his house in 1858, making it the first true establishment of Haute Couture. The house of Worth has quietly been making couture lingerie for the past eight years, but showed a small collection of 8 during this past couture season. The collection designed by Italian designer Giovanni Bedin, features lingerie that is worthy to be worn in the chambers of Versailles. Just eight pieces, of true decadent luxury, reflecting the House’s history. Corseted bodices, tiny waists, large sleeves, antique lace and delicate embroideries, each piece requiring 50 to 300 hours of hand work. These pieces are works of art, meant to be worn out of the bedroom.

Photos Courtesy of Worth Paris, 2010

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