Monday, July 12, 2010

Haute Couture Fall 2010 Coverage: Chanel

By Christine Suppes, Editor-at-Large
The giant gold lion in the middle of of the Grand Palais was jaw dropping. Allegedly, Coco Chanel, a Leo, used this astrological theme in her collections nearly as much as she used the camellia, pearls and four leaf clovers. Unfortunately, we did not hear the lion's roar in this collection. Lesage should never be taken for granted, but this gorgeous work even appeared on street length dresses and matching boots. Who really wants to look like that these days? And even if one had all the money in the world, who can really afford to appear in this over-the-top way? The slim street length silhouette with a self bolero was striking and very modern. Three quarter sleeves appeared on several dresses and even fur coats. On the other hand, very few long gowns were shown. When the groom in a lion's head came out with the bride (in a short dress), many of us were hoping it was Lagerfeld. Alas, it was not. It was model Baptiste Giabiconi, the super handsome male muse of Mr. Lagerfeld. In the audience, Karl faithful Daphne Guinness showed us she was still trying, with a quasi Lady GaGa pompadour, yards of silver sequins and shoes that looked unwearable. The ultimate roar was perhaps Mr. Lagerfeld doing away with long gowns, at least for now. With the way things are going in the world, this might be a good sign in case we need to run for our lives!

Photos by Gianni Pucci /

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