Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LINstallation in Paris

by April Hall, Paris Correspondent
The summer heat at the gardens in the Palais Royale made LINstallation feel all the more appropriate, as many of the guests had arrived wearing just that -- linen. The name itself is a play on words, explaining what exactly LINstallation is. It is an exhibit that focuses on the qualities of fine linen. An impressive line up of top-name designers such as Stephane Rolland and Lefranc Ferrant created special pieces entirely from linen for the installation, showcasing its versatility as a material. Notable works included a waterproof jumpsuit by Jean-Paul Knott, a gorgeous trench coat with underskirt and a cinched waist, and a giant stuffed-animal-garden-ornament-cross face by the always humorous On Aura Tout Vu. All of these were situated in the miniature linen field that had been created for the event, with the pieces being displayed on posts resembling scarecrows.

Jean-Paul Knott Trench Dress
Post Script: it was impossible not to notice that red was the popular colour of choice for women's shoes for the evening.

All Photos by April Hall, 2010

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