Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ioma Skin Care Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue

Ioma Skin Care is now available in the USA exclusively at Saks! Invented in France 10 years ago by dermatologists, this line started as prescription only, then in the past 3 years became available over-the-counter. It is now wildly popular in France and soon here.

The line has 7 different product families to suit your specific needs. Ioma does not believe in a “skin type,” but instead analyses your unique skin needs with its photo device. Just stick your head in this device and it takes 5 pictures showing your skin in natural light, parallel polarized light to show lines/wrinkles, cross polarized light to show redness, UV light to show sun damage, and blue light to show bacteria/clogged pores. Once your skin is analyzed, you will be given custom product recommendations. Use the products, and you can come back for another skin analysis to see how they are working, and perhaps to get different recommendations once your skin has changed. The line ranges from $60-$205! Contact me for your skin analysis at t: (001) 212-940-2149 or email:

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